Kuni Mishi

Medium build with a quiet disposition.


Mishi is an introvert in his late 20’s that spends much of his time reading and away from the public eye. He has a medium build and starting to acquire a small paunch from inactivity. He has rugged looks that probably hold him in good standing in crab lands and he has shoulder length wiry hair.


Youngest child of Miatomi Kisaro Mishi was always a bit on the fussed over side. This provided him with a strong sense of personal worth but his father saw to it that this never developed into arrogance. When he came of age the typical agreement of at least one child from each family would marry in the other. The Kuni got him and the Miatomi got Miatomi Jusari who married his older brother Miatomi Gensada. He went to Shugenja school in Kuni lands when he met his wife.

Kuni Mishi

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